From Bill Gray:

IT SEEMS THAT RINO JOHN McCAIN is in the attack mode against President Trump.  Could this be sour grapes because Donald Trump could win against the Liberal Socialist Gang – and John McCain could not?

Let me take you back to the 2008 Presidential election when John McCain was the GOP nominee running against Barack Obama: 

When McCain was running for president against Obama, I sent an e-mail to his POW Commanding Officer, Admiral Jeremiah Denton.  After returning from the Vietnam POW captivity, Admiral Denton became a Senator from Alabama.   He was the first Republican Senator from Alabama since the Civil War Reconstruction days. 

After he retired from the Senate, he founded the National Forum Foundation, which in 1984 was renamed the Admiral Jeremiah Denton Foundation.  This Christian ministry did work among poor families in the Philippines, Africa, and other nations. 

You may also recall that Admiral Denton was the POW who, during a forced interview by his Vietnam captors for national TV – sent a Morse Code message by blinking his eyes during the broadcast, spelling out “T O R T U R E” – to let the U. S. Intelligence Service know that the prisoners were being tortured. 

While he was running the Admiral Jeremiah Denton Foundation, he was also publishing a newsletter.  For years Admiral Denton had been on my Friends Ministry mail list.  And, I was so thrilled one day when I received an e-mail from him asking permission to use one of my writings in his newsletter. 

But, back to my reason for mentioning Admiral Denton.   When John McCain was running for president against Obama – since Admiral Denton had been McCain’s senior officer all that time during their POW years – who would better know his character under pressure? 

So, I sent Admiral Denton an e-mail asking him his opinion of John McCain for president.   In his reply to me, his exact words were, “Well, all I can say is that the SOB is better than the alternative!”

I got Admiral Denton’s message loud and clear.   He passed away in 2014 – and Alabama, America, and all the world lost a real hero.

This same RINO John McCain, who is supposed to be a Republican – is the most vocal “attack dog” the Liberal Socialist Democratic Gang has in their determination to pull down President Trump and prevent him from fulfilling the promises he made to all Americans, promises which got him elected.

Those people don’t care about America nor Americans.  They are just stomping their Sour Grapes, trying to make political wine from them.  They lost the elections – and their Sour Grape Wine will be just as bitter.

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