November 15, 2017
by Trader Connections


In 2014, Congresswoman Jackie Speier was the first to introduce a bill to combat sexual harassment in the House. That bill “NEVER GOT ONE VOTE OF SUPPORT.” Now you know the comments coming from Congress regarding Roy Moore is what they think you expect them to say. ”

The U.S. Treasury has reportedly paid $15.2 million in Capitol Hill settlements for workplace violations between 1997 and 2014. The real question is, “If the taxpayers are involved, don’t we have the right to know?  The answer is as of right now, as the bill was written, under the  self serving system, Congress members made it where “you don’t have a right to know.”

Speer goes on to described that presently the process of filing is a one-sided investigative process that “does everything to protect members of Congress — and little to protect the rights of victims”

Here is what the victim is required to do to file a complaint against a member of Congress for sexual harrassment:

  • It takes almost 90 days to be able to file a complaint. I know you are asking why so long?
  • The Victim before filing is required to under go for months counseling.
  • The victim is required to sign a non-disclosure agreement before actually going through the mediation process.
  • She or He can not represented by their own legal counsel
  • The Member of Congress is allowed to be represented by the House of Representatives general counsel at no cost to the member
  • If settlements are decided on, the accused members do not pay for their own settlements
  • The Damages are paid by you, the Tax Payer through a confidential program set up by the U.S. Treasury.

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are so predatory that female staffers are advised not to ride in elevators alone with them.

Congress’s proclivity to sexual harassment was and is  an open secret in Washington, DC: “It’s like finding out that there was gambling going on in Casablanca.  Female are admonished to be careful of male lawmakers who sleep in their offices —  they can be trouble. Avoid finding yourself alone with a congressman or senator in elevators, late-night meetings or events where alcohol is flowing.

These are a few of the unwritten rules that some female lawmakers, staff and interns say they follow on Capitol Hill, where they say harassment and coercion is pervasive on both sides of the rotunda. They pass around among themselves verbally the so called, “Creep List”  consisting of the male and female members most notorious for inappropriate behavior, ranging from making sexually suggestive comments or gestures to seeking physical relations with younger employees and interns.
The Capital Hill environment is  full of so many young females and males,” said one ex-House aide, the members seem to have no self control as they act like the staff and interns are there for their picking.  The Staff and Interns know,” the lawmakers with the worst reputations. However, their are times the sexual advances from members of Congress or senior aides are reciprocated in the hopes of advancing one’s career — what one political veteran bluntly referred to as a “Sex trade on Capitol Hill.”If a part of getting ahead on Capitol Hill is playing ball with whatever douche bag — then whatever,”.

Here is reality of things,  A spokeswoman for Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) said 80 percent of people who have come to their office with stories of sexual misconduct in the last few weeks have chosen not to report the incidents. Why? because they fear it will destroy their Career in working at the Capital and the Predators know it.

 Its about time someone ask for a FOIA on who was accused and if any funds were paid out…then they have to resign…after Mitch McConnell and the other self serving scum called House of Representatives and Senators according to them, even if you are accused of a sexual harassment, you are guilty and not worthy of a seat next to them…

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