Which Cold Therapy Pain Gel?

January 25, 2018
by Staff Reports

Several years ago, a friend offered us a roll-on version of Biofreeze pain reliever. Biofreeze, as its name indicates, uses cold to relieve joint and muscle pain. Some individuals use the medication for migraines, messaging it into the neck or even the forehead. Does Biofreeze work and is it economical?

Yes and no. Yes, it does work for some pain. While it might work for migraine pain for you, it doesn’t for everyone. Economical? Pain relief is worth every penny, but Biofreeze isn’t cheap. So is there an alternative?

This is where convenience comes into play. Biofreeze offers its gel form in a pump bottle. You can find it at Walmart in 8 oz. bottles for just under 25.00, tax not included. If you don’t mind a less convenient form of cold therapy, Dollar General offers the Rexall brand in a 12 oz. jar for only 2.25.

We’ve tried the Rexall version ourselves on hands, feet, and ankles and have been surprised at the degree of pain relief we received during recent cold and wet weather. Obviously the price takes away some of the pain as well. Rexall is an old and trusted brand, and we give it the two thumbs up over Biofreeze.

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