Where Is Robert Gene Weems?

April 20, 2013
by Firenze Veritas


Robert Gene Weems walked out of his Petersville home in Lauderdale County on June 5, 1997, and has not been officially seen since. The then 29 year-old left the Julian Street residence off Rasch Road at approximately 9:00 PM. Weems is bi-polar, but left the house without medication. He also reportedly left his glasses, money, and identification.

Weems was wearing dark blue trousers, a light shirt, and black shoes. A large man, Weems is 6’4″ tall and weighed 212 lb. at the time of his disappearance. A Caucasian, Weems is dark complected with dark brown eyes and curly black hair.

After his disappearance on Thursday night, an acquaintance reported seeing Weems walking on Cox Creek Parkway between Jackson Road and Wood Avenue on Sunday afternoon June 8th. That sighting has never been verified.

Weems’ family would very much like to have some resolution in the case. If you have any new information, please call the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department at 256-760-5757.

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