Where is David Martin?

August 29, 2013
by Firenze Veritas

I67_DAVID__MARTINIt was 30 years ago today that David Martin left his home in West Jasper to travel to Nauvoo. David’s burned out Dodge Charger was found near a Nauboo strip mine two days later, but he has never been seen. The young Walker County man helped take care of his ill mother, and family says he would never have left the area willingly.

Police say there have been no new leads in years, but David’s sister and other family members still want to know what happened to David all those years ago. They want what most call closure, if there can be such a thing. Anyone with information about Martin may contact the Walker County Sheriff’s Office at 205-302-6464 or even make an anonymous call to Martin’s Garage at 205-221-9380.

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