Update: A reader asked if our article had been correct concerning the sale of the property. According to the Abstract Company, the Delta Property records reflect only tax payments and not current ownership. From Clint Wilkes:

Ownership listing on tax records are updated yearly. A sale after October 1, 2016 will not appear on the tax record until October 1st 2018. Only amount of taxes and paid status are updated periodically. Confusing? Just remember that taxes in the State of Alabama are paid in arrears

Exclusive from June 28th:

Steve Price, manager of the Shoals Theatre in downtown Florence says there are problems with the Zodiac Theater a few blocks away. Are there?

For those who may not be familiar with the Zodiac Theater, it’s located in the back of a large building situated on the corner of North Court Street and Hermitage Drive. The theater was opened in the early 1970s and for many years housed a group calling themselves the Zodiac Players. The building has also been home to several retail businesses over the years using the Court Street entrance to what is called Cantrell Plaza. When the Zodiac Players had a chance to move to the Shoals Theatre in 2007, they began to use the much smaller Zodiac Theater for rehearsals or productions where a small audience was anticipated.

Price says he received a phone call in April stating the theater had been sold and informing him rent would be going up on the facility. A short time later, the locks were changed on the theater. Price states the Zodiac Players group still has paint, sets, and various items he calls “stuff” stored in the Zodiac Theater and that they have not been allowed to retrieve their possessions.

While not all sales of property are filed immediately, the Delta Tax record system updated through June 19th for Cantrell Plaza shows that the building still belongs to Darryl Cantrell of Florence.

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