What Not to Feed Your Blue Wheelie Bin

December 17, 2017
by Firenze Veritas


Update: Remember you can place large Christmas boxes, either broken down or not, by the wheelie bin. Be considerate and leave room for others who may use the same receptacle.

The City of Florence has been nice enough to provide each residence or apartment complex with a blue wheelie bin for recyclables. Now the city has asked that they be fed properly.

That means no glass containers, no styrofoam of any kind, and no cardboard or plastic containers with food residue inside. The city has specifically mentioned pizza boxes which have become greasy and have crumbs or sauce sticking to the interior. This would also include those plastic clam shells that have cake icing inside (can’t imagine who’s been thoughtlessly guilty of that one).

The City of Florence thanks you and we at PNS thank you for going green by feeding the blue!

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