What Ed Henry Said…

November 10, 2017
by Staff Reports

In case you’re not familiar with Alabama State Rep. Ed Henry, he’s the one who said he committed murder years ago when he assisted his girlfriend in getting an abortion. Of course, he never offered to turn himself in for that alleged crime or any other. Now he’s said this (from AL.com):

Henry said the women should be “accomplices” for any crimes that may have been committed because they did not come forward and, by their silence, helped cover up any crime.

“If anybody knows of a crime that there’s a predator out there and you sit back and wait for 40 years to say anything about it and let those kinds of things happen, then you should be as guilty as they are for allowing that to occur,” Henry said. “With things like the Bill Cosby incident where they paid people to be quiet, those people who were paid, to me, are as guilty as he was and should be prosecuted.

So, Ed, a frightened 14 year old girl who’s basically just lost her father should have turned the assistant Etowah County district attorney in? Just in case you’re on the obtuse side, Ed, she probably didn’t even know he’d committed a crime, much less thought about telling anyone about it.

I can tell you no matter how old a woman is, one of the first reactions to a sexual come-on is usually “What did I do to make him think this was okay?” This poor girl, at 14, probably blamed herself for years.

Oh, Ed, did you notice of all the girls Roy/Ray was said to have propositioned, not one had a father living in the home? Coincidence? Or is that called grooming? Anyone else thinking of Oliver Brazelle?

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