Wanted: Escapee Kenny Joe Waldrep

October 8, 2017
by Staff Reports

It was only days before Christmas last year that Kenny Joe Waldrep, then 50 years old, shot his wife Tanya G. McGarity Waldrep in the back of the head during an argument. The 43 year old Tanya Waldrep remained in critical condition at ECM Hospital for days before beginning her long recovery. Kenny Waldrep, known as “Bones,” was arrested by Leighton Police and taken to the Colbert County Jail where he promptly posted a 150K bond on the attempted murder charges.

Waldrep remained free for six months, working at his family’s business while awaiting his day in court. Then in June of this year, the electrician was stopped for a traffic violation in Lawrence County where authorities searched his van. Upon finding two kinds of drugs and at least one weapon, the Leighton man was arrested, but was allowed to post 11K bail. At this juncture, Waldrep was again picked up by Colbert County and returned to the lockup in that jurisdiction.

According to law enforcement sources, Waldrep’s attorney petitioned to have him sent to rehab while awaiting trial. As often happens in such facilities, drugs made their way to Waldrep. During the first week of September, he was discovered obviously under the influence and dismissed from the program. Sources say the rehab facility failed to report the incident to the Colbert County Sheriff’s Department, and Waldrep was picked up by a friend and returned to this area.

Several witnesses have reported sightings of Waldrep, but so far authorities have not been able to locate the wanted man. He’s now officially charged with escape and is considered armed and dangerous.  Authorities ask that you do not approach him. If you have information about Kenny Joe Waldrep, call Colbert Dispatch at 256-381-0911, the Leighton Police at 256-446-8479, or 911.



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