Wacky Garden Art That Some Homeowners Love

September 8, 2017
by Trader Connections

They say art is in the eye of the beholder. Here are some examples of what creative minds can produce.

Make do and mend: A plumbing solution like no other, but a Wellington boot in place of piping hardly has legs as a long-term home improvement         This skeleton garden 'monument' is simply frightful    Bra-vo: An ingenious use of women's underwear makes for an unusual plant pot    Unique: A startling row of lemurs adds a bit of Madagascan magic to this garden    Few people are likely to be bowled over by these floral arrangements in broken toilets

This spiky and suggestive arrangement is likely to raise guests' eyebrows  Topiary features regularly on S*** Gardens - this tree serving as a rather odd advertisement for a well-known trainer brand   Women's underwear features frequently as containers for all manner of plants, trees and flowers on S*** Gardens   A monstrous beast looms over the rest of this garden, no doubt terrifying all visitors to the property

Hope You Enjoyed..now do some of your own.

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