Update on David Lee Simmons

March 12, 2018
by Staff Reports

Simmons in March ’18 Mug Shot

David Lee Simmons has been denied probation in his last conviction for drug distribution. He’s been remanded to the Colbert County Jail where he awaits transfer to the state prison system.

From January 2018: Jordan Terry Gardner briefly bolted today, running barefoot from the Sheffield City Jail where he was being held. After about 90 minutes on the run, Gardner was found at a residence only a few blocks from the city hall/jail and returned to custody.

From November 2017: For his part in the drug distribution case, Jordan Terry Gardner accepted a plea deal and was given a suspended sentence in Colbert County. Now officials say Gardner, 22, has violated the terms of his probation. He was arrested on October 20 and remains in the Colbert County Jail without bail at this time.

David Lee Simmons

Jordan Terry Gardner

From March: David Lee Simmons, 29, and Jordan Terry Gardner, 21, were arrested in Colbert County early this morning and charged with possession of illegal drugs and drug distribution. Simmons, of Tuscumbia, has a record involving drug crimes that stretches back several years and has racked up eight local arrests in the past four years. Both Simmons and Gardner remain in the Colbert County Jail at this time.

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