Uber Repeater: Walter James Hall

September 7, 2017
by Staff Reports

Walter James Hall, 55, has spent half his life in the Alabama Prison System. His previous incarcerations number six. Yes, that was six. Here’s a rundown:

Sentence 1 – Unknown

Sentence 2 – Unknown

Sentence 3 – 87 to 95, Burglary, Colbert County

Sentence 4 – 96 to 01, Burglary, Madison County

Sentence 5 – 02 to 06, Theft, Morgan County

Sentence 6 – 10 to 16, Burglary, Colbert County

Now Hall has again been arrested in Colbert County on Burglary charges. He remains in the Colbert County Jail as of Thursday night. At this point, Hall will be looking at a life sentence as a habitual offender.

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