Remember the roofing company with the AR-15 giveaway?


This is what Zach looks like with clothes on…

Zach with Clothes

This is Zach’s partner Chris…


This is their roofing crew…

Digital Roofing Innovations Crew

This is Bogey on the right, the good looking one who’s the brains of the operation…

We talked to Chris this week and he had this to say:

Since the video was released, we have gone from putting on 3 or 4 roofs a week to two roofs per day. The response has been overwhelmingly supportive. We plan to release more ads in the future that will be equally as intriguing. Let’s face it, roofing is boring. If we didn’t drop this ad, you would never know we existed.

So how can you contact Digital Roofing Innovations? Bogey tells us it’s simple, just click on this link:

Contact Digital Roofing Innovations


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