Two from Hackleburg Charged with Mfg. Meth

December 27, 2017
by Staff Reports

Hackleburg authorities have arrested two in connection with the First Degree Manufacture of Methamphetamine. Ryan Swinny (pictured bottom), age 26, and Frankie Swinney (pictured top), age 46, were taken into custody on Tuesday.

Ryan called Pen-N-Sword and stated they were not manufacturing methamphetamine. He stated, someone had given them 5 Marijuana seeds and they had planted them to see if they would grow. We were about to throw them out because they were dying. Neither he or his dad smoke pot. In fact, he goes on to state, he does not use illegal drugs at all.  He goes on to state he knows he was a stupid thing to do, but it was more of a fun thing to see if they could get them to grow.

Ryan also stated regarding in past arrest, that he has been arrested one time for failure to pay a traffic ticket. He has not had any other arrest.

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