Two Florence Women Crash Stolen Car

August 9, 2017
by Staff Reports

Editor’s Note: In case it’s nebulous, the two quotes used in this article were taken from Facebook pages.

Early Tuesday morning, two Florence women stole a vehicle outside a home in Vina in Franklin County. The women were later identified as Rhonda Gail Alred Medina…

and Santana Maria Bedwell…

Witnesses initially identified Bedwell as a man when the pair stopped at a Belgreen gasoline station and used the debit card belonging to the car’s owner Tanya Raper. It was in Belgreen that the police chase began, extending into Itawamba County, Mississippi, where the pair wrecked. Authorities then discovered the thieves had stolen a load of scrap metal along the way, as well as concocting a batch of methamphetamine.

The vehicle’s owner said this about the incident:

“As most of you already know my car was stolen from our driveway today, they used my debit card and the money out of my wallet to get gas and buy them breakfast at the gas station. That however began the high speed chase down highway 24, highway 247, and back down highway 24 and ended badly. Our vehicle is now wrecked and destroyed. All our insurance cards, social security cards and my drivers license was thrown out during the chase. These scum bag skanks came to our house in the middle of the night while we were asleep and stole it out of the front yard. And on top of all of that they were making meth in my car . . . my children ride in that car!

“I was almost sure it was a man and woman. Not to be mean, but I was like, ‘a woman couldn’t pull this off by herself.’

“Please be aware people always lock your vehicle and take your keys and wallet in. I NEVER thought this would happen to me. And as I set here tonight carless I now know it can happen to anyone. I hope those women get what they deserve and all these other drug headed people out here see what doing drugs and acting stupid gets you! They won’t get to their children for a while and now they will have a record for the rest of their lives. I pray for them and their families especially their children.”

Bedwell, 31, has a record of previous arrests in Florence; Lincoln County, Tennessee; and Illinois where she stole a car. Medina, 40, has previous arrests in Florence for theft and extortion. Medina posted this on her Facebook page August 7th:

“Hey everyone if you see me in a chrystler concorde. i stole it please contact 2563352762 I’m strubg out on ice and god knows what else the owner of the car eould greatly appreciate it seeing as it was all they had….go rhonda !!!!! Mom of the year award”

Both women were taken back to Alabama and remanded to Franklin County authorities.

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