Two Colbert Meth Mavens Busted – New Arrests II

March 21, 2018
by Staff Reports

Robert Clayton Terry has again failed to appear. He was picked up late yesterday and booked into the Colbert County Jail. It’s doubtful the 33 year old Terry will again be allowed bond before his trial.

Update from February: Paul Bryant Willingham has been arrested on new charges of trafficking in methamphetamine. He remains in the Colbert County Jail as of Thursday morning. His alleged partner in drug crime, Robert Terry, is again free on bail.

Update: Robert Terry was again arrested in Muscle Shoals on January 10th – this time for failing to appear on the November charges. He still remains out of jail on bail for the drug charges.

From November: Robert Clayton Terry was arrested in Muscle Shoals this past week on an outstanding warrant:

Terry and his companion are already looking at trafficking charges due to the amount of meth they were in possession of at their previous arrest. One ounce translates to over 28 grams, an amount that could easily earn them up to 10 years in prison. It’s unknown how his arrest will affect Terry’s bail.

From May: Two Colbert County men were arrested Tuesday and charged with trafficking in methamphetamine. Colbert Drug Task Force Agent Curtis Burns stated Paul Bryant Willingham (top) of Muscle Shoals, 36, and Robert Clayton Terry (bottom) of Leighton, 32, were both apprehended while driving with approximately one ounce of crystal meth and various drug paraphernalia. Both men remain in the Colbert County Jail as of Friday with bond set at 25K each.

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