Tuscaloosa Surgeon Pens New Novel

May 21, 2015
by Firenze Veritas

PR/Infinity Publishing

cutterCutter, the latest work from author Ford Simpson, MD, opens up the world of medical surgery and how one slip during an operation leads two surgeons—Grant Miller and Jack Wade—to discover an intricate web of conspiracy to take over Alabama’s automotive industry.

As the story unfolds, readers see through an elaborate web of murder and espionage—all in the name of greed and attempt to monopolize an industry—and how Jack and Grant lay everything on the line to protect their loved ones, themselves, and the state of Alabama from the outside threat.

With Ford Simpson as its author, Cutter not only leads readers through suspenseful realms of intrigue, it also opens up the world of medical surgery with accurate and vivid descriptions of procedures as well as the inherent risks in the field—all seen through the eyes of a practicing surgeon with utmost passion and fascination for his field of expertise.

Cutter is published by Infinity Publishing and is now available on Amazon and buybooksontheweb.com.

Ford Simpson, MD, is a practicing cardiovascular surgeon who is not only passionate about his profession, but also his hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Through this novel, he hopes to share his knowledge and love for his profession and his hometown, as well as his concern for national issues and international threats to his country.

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