Trials for Two Toddler Torturers Near

September 12, 2017
by Staff Reports

Eighteen months ago, northwest Alabama was shaken by the heinous deaths of two toddlers. Both Ian Brantley Calhoun and Serenity Irene Renfroe lived with their mothers and the mothers’ boyfriends. Serenity died in Franklin County where prosecutors say Shannon Dale Gargis used her like a baseball bat after she spilled her cereal. Gargis was charged with Capital Murder, while Serenity’s mother Hailey Brisbois Renfroe faced lesser abuse charges. A trial for Shannon Gargis has been set for April 2018.

Serenity Irene Renfroe

In Lawrence County, the alleged murderer of Ian Brantley Calhoun also sits in a jail cell awaiting trial for Capital Murder, while his former girlfriend Chelsea Fike faces multiple charges for abuse as well as Felony Murder. Unlike Gargis, Evan Woodrow Berryman has denied any wrong doing in the death of Ian. The Town Creek man’s trial moves closer with both defendants being back in court last week. PNS will bring exclusive details to our readers tomorrow.

Ian Brantley Calhoun

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