There Aren’t Enough Italian-Americans in the Shoals

October 10, 2017
by Staff Reports

Yesterday was a federal holiday–Columbus Day. How many can still recite the ubiquitous two-lined doggerel about the famous Italian? Yes, it might have been called a national holiday, but it certainly wasn’t celebrated as such across the U.S.

In New York City, many celebrated Italian-American Day. That takes care of ol’ Columbus who owned slaves and supposedly could have given the Donald a run for his money on female grabbing.

And on the more stylish coast? It was Native American Day in Los Angeles. After all, most Italians didn’t make it that far west.

How about in the Shoals? Outside of sales named for the Italian explorer, there wasn’t much mention of his accomplishments. One of two local print news media spotlighted native American culture, while pointedly overlooking Italian cooking, sports cars, and voluptuous movie stars. Ah, fame is fleeting.

If only there were more Italians in the Shoals. We’re sure Christopher would rest easier.

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