The Shoals Chicken Finger Curse

March 3, 2016
by Firenze Veritas

Another upscale Shoals restaurant has bitten the dust. Sperry’s lasted just three years in the Shoals market, while its two locations in the Franklin, Tennessee, area are said to be profitable.

Sperry’s is hardly the first such eatery to flounder in this market. One location on a Florence Mall out-parcel has gone through numerous incarnations. Many mourned the loss of Crocodile Ed’s, but the Cox Creek Parkway building had earlier held the Emerald Coast. When that establishment closed, long time city councilman Dick Jordan lamented that the Shoals just didn’t seem to be capable of supporting any upscale restaurants.

Another eatery that failed in the same area of Florence was Demos’. That small restaurant chain stated its other locations were booming, while the one in the center of what might be called a Shoals mega shopping area just couldn’t turn a profit.

Is the Shoals just a chicken finger center, where establishments like Champy’s bring in the customers? Are there too many eateries in the area? Do “Mom & Pop” café’s that are little more than a hobby steal a large part of the dining crowd?

Or perhaps the owners of Sperry’s just expected too much from the local trade?

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