The Family That’s Indicted Together

July 14, 2013
by Firenze Veritas

Jerry Benjamin Crowden

The last round of Lauderdale grand jury indictments contained a number of indictments that could be classified as in the “All in the Family” category, but one set stood out. Jerry Benjamin Crowden, 20, was indicted for a theft from earlier this year. Jerry Benjamin is the son of infamous Lauderdale County criminal and escape artist Jerry Don Crowden. Jerry Benjamin’s crime? He stole a check from his grandmother. As stated, this was really an “All in the Family” type of indictment.

Jerry Benjamin has a previous conviction for breaking into a vehicle and Third Degree Theft of Property. How was he caught this time? He misspelled his grandmother’s name when he endorsed the check.Jerry-Don-Crowden-300x234

And what of Jerry Don? We know the 41 year old has still another charge to return to the Shoals for–escape. Apparently there’s also another charge of theft as well since the elder Crowden was also indicted. Why even bother? A formal charge and plea is needed in order to officially demand restitution to his victim. Here’s hoping the new barbed-wire on the roof is installed by his new trial dates.

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