The Democratic Party once produced presidents such as Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy. Major party leaders were fierce opponents of mass immigration because they recognized the negative impact it had on wages. America’s center-left party presented itself as a friend to American workers, fighting for their interests against corporate bosses.

But the Democratic Party of the past is not the Democratic Party of today. Indeed, one author and researcher suggests the current Democratic Party is more concerned with defending “international socialism” than American workers. Trevor Loudon, who has researched communism and leftist movements for decades says, the current Democrat leadership team of chairman Tom Perez and vice-chairman Keith Ellison represents a fundamental departure for the party from its patriotic past. The Democratic Party of yesterday has transitioned into the “Socialist Party of Today.” They no longer even pretend to be in the middle of the left as they have abandoned the middle ground and is now a “Full Progressive Party with an agenda and platform that is hard to distinquish between that from the “Communist Party“ Today you can call the Old Democratic Party the New Socialist Democratic Party of America. They have total vacated the foundation on with America was built.

If John F Kennedy, Harry Truman had won the presidency of today, the Democratic Party would be in the streets protesting them as they are doing now with President Trump’s Administration.

The most dangerous enemy is the one who operates from within your own gates. such as the Deep State Government Employees who leak top secret information , the Bernie Sanders who run under the Democratic Banner, yet profess to be a socialist, the Hillary Clinton’s, Nancy Pelosi’s, Chuck Schumers,  Harry Reid’s, Maxine Waters, and so on, who put the Socialist Party first before they do the People of America. These Enemies from within are more interested in the welfare and protection of  a Global New World Order, than they are of the lowering of the life style of the middle class workers. Their intent is to flood the market with vast amounts of laborers and workers so that wages can be forced down for their  Corporate contributors.

Take a look Congressman Keith Ellison, now second-in-command at the Democratic National Committee.He has a long history of involvement with both the Communist Party and radical Islamic groups. ents,“Ellison is the poster boy for the red-green axis – the alliance between the communist and Islamist movement” he said. “In his student activist days he worked with Maoists, and was active in the Nation of Islam. As a congressman he was close to the Communist Party USA – even holding fundraisers in the home of Minnesota party chairman Erwin Marquit. He has even written for the Communist Party website.

“All the while he was actively involved with several Muslim Brotherhood front groups such as CAIR and the Muslim American Society, which even paid for his pilgrimage to Mecca in 2008.”

Tom Perez , the now chairman of the National Democratic Committee was a longtime leader of CASA de Maryland, a militant left ‘immigrants’ rights group,” Just A few years ago, President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela was sending one million dollars a year of his oil revenue to CASA, which was bent on keeping America’s borders wide open.”

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The Democratic Party of the past was not for open borders. Even Ex-President Bill Clinton, stated in his speeches that one of the major issues was the open southern borders as the USA was allowing illegals pour in like syrup on a pancake. It is only under the  leadership over the past 15 years has the Democratic Party been for mass illegal immigration. “Until the mid-1990s, both the AFL-CIO and the Democrats were staunchly opposed to lax border security,” “Illegal immigration disproportionately hurt both the black community and their white working class base. This has been stated many times by President Trump. Other words, in a way he is enforcing what the Democratic Party of the Past wanted in forced.

“However, in 1994, the Democratic Socialists of America, under John Sweeney, took over the AFL-CIO from Lane Kirkland and his supporters. The clause prohibiting communists from holding office was quietly dropped. Now the AFL-CIO is completely controlled by the hard left. Orchestrated by another DSAer, Eliseo Medina, the AFL-CIO switched its policy in 2000 to open support for amnesty for illegal immigrants. The Democrats quickly followed suit.”

Loudon argues in the book “The Enemies Within”  the modern Democratic Party has abandoned even the pretense of trying to help American workers. Instead, they seek to gain power by essentially replacing the current American people with a new one.

“The prize was 12 to 30 million illegals – who would vote 70 to 80 percent Democrat,” Loudon said. “This would effectively bring about a one-party state, controlled by the Dems and the communist controlled unions. The AFL-CIO and Democratic Party today represent INTERNATIONAL SOCIALISM.  Damn the American worker.” 

Tom Perez has a long history of anti-white views, including a declaration that white people should not be entitled to protection under the Voting Rights Act.

“The DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF TODAY  wants to expand the Democratic Party voting base to create a socialist one-party state. The simplest way to do this is to flood the country with immigrants from Third World countries, who have little interest in the Constitution and are reliable Democratic voters.” Now! you know why the Democratic Party has gone crazy over the “Wall” President Trump is intent on building.

How do you counter this? According to the Author Loudin, “If Donald Trump is smart, he could confound that plan by closing the borders,”  “He should be dramatically reducing all immigration and promoting America First, low tax, high growth policies which will win over significant numbers of working class, black, Asian and Latino voters.

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Source: WND, Parts of The Enemy Within and other related Sources

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