December 7, 2017
by Ray Lavay

For all the accusers and media outlets out there let us remind you that we are still a nation of laws. Unless the News Media have found a way to abolish our venerable constitution there is still  a system of justice in this country.

When an accusation is made generally one goes to local law enforcement and files a complaint. Then that complaint is investigated and if warranted charges are filed and the defendant is then arrested to face a trail of 12 jurors and a judge.

That person’s innocence or guilt is then decided. The media is now trying and sentencing all the alleged perpetrators on TV, in print and online. Wait, just a minute that is not how it works. They have rights as dictated by our  CONSTITUTION which has outlined how this system works.

It is not the media’s right to decide guilt or innocence of anyone whether it is the accuser or defendant. We were not there when the crime actually happened or not. Neither was anyone in the media. Just because a person accuses someone does make it factual. Remember that old Constitution; it still works today for all.

Whether any of those that have been named by the media are guilty or not remains to be decided by our justice system not on TV, in print or online just for headlines sake. Perhaps those that work in the media outlets should take a civics course and learn how our system of justice works and that pesky old constitution. Remember that awesome quote “Judge not, lest you be judged since you will be judged in the same judgment that you make, and you will be measured by the same standard you apply.”



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