Texas Fugitive Captured in Russellville

April 10, 2018
by Staff Reports

Some crimes are serious. Some crimes are funny. Then some crimes are both. An Austin, Texas, man needed money to pay child support…or go to jail. Most in this situation would have attempted to take out a loan or asked family members for money, but Timothy Gordon Lester decided the correct plan of action was to rob a convenience store. Affecting a disguise, Lester entered the Apollo III mini-mart on December 26, 2916, and robbed the clerk of just under $1,200.00. Video surveillance indicated that Lester was familiar with the store layout.

The next day, Lester had a friend drive him to a bank to change out the loot for large bills and finally to the office where he paid child support. He paid exactly 1.2K. It didn’t take long for the public to call in tips to the Austin police who searched the Lester home, finding the disguise in the process.

Discarded clothing wasn’t all authorities found. Lester’s latest wife, a bride of only two weeks, had a large quantity of methamphetamine. Police then proceeded to arrest both Timothy and Barbara Lester. The hapless robber, a former Apollo III employee, continued to maintain his innocence in the robbery, but soon disappeared from the state of Texas. Now 16 months later, the 48 year old Lester has been arrested on a fugitive warrant in Russellville.

Timothy Lester was taken into custody yesterday in Franklin County and is expected to be extradited to Texas shortly. There is no official word on the location of Barbara Lester or her legal status.



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