From UNA:

FLORENCE, Ala. – Officials with the University of North Alabama, Tesla and EnviroSpark have teamed up to bring four EV Chargers to campus.  The chargers would make UNA’s campus an electrical oasis in a charging desert, so to speak.

“UNA is always looking for opportunities to enhance the quality of life in the Shoals area and provide added value for our students,” said President Ken Kitts. “It is critical that we stay on top of the latest trends in technology and hospitality. The addition of EV chargers to the university campus is one more way we can make our community an attractive place to learn, work, and play.”

Tesla has agreed to provide the charging stations at no cost, which will include four Tesla stations and two universal plug stations, located at two different locations on campus.  Additionally, the company is providing $3,000 toward the installation cost at each location.  However, this might not have happened had famed designer Billy Reid not stepped in.

“We are thrilled to bring Tesla Motor Vehicles to the Shoals for this year’s Shindig,” said Reid.  “And we are extremely appreciative of the work UNA provided in helping implement the permanent charging stations for not only Tesla vehicles but all electric vehicles. These innovative partnerships demonstrate the continued forward thinking and the commitment of all involved toward progress in our community,” he said.

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