Some People Don’t Learn to Say “No” to Meth

January 8, 2018
by Staff Reports

A Hamilton man is the poster boy for methamphetamine addiction. Dennis Dewayne McCarley has arrests going back to at least 2011 when police accidentally discovered a meth lab being run by him and two others in Red Bay. The year 2012 brought the most interesting arrest when the 40 year old McCarley’s meth lab exploded, causing a large house fire near Vina.

After the lab explosion, McCarley went to prison for a relatively short time. He was again free in late 2014 and again arrested for meth manufacture. His most recent manufacturing arrest was in July 2017 after which he was released on bail. Perhaps because he saw his days of freedom numbered, McCarley didn’t bother to show up to court on those charges. Now he’s in the Franklin County Detention Center with a failure to appear charge as well as one for manufacturing.

Authorities took McCarley into custody on Thursday. While he hasn’t seen the judge yet, it’s doubtful that McCarley will be released before his trial.

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