Seeking Comments on Brass Knuckles/Slingshot Law

September 7, 2017
by Staff Reports

Most of us in Alabama support the Second Amendment, at least in varying degrees. When we think of “bearing arms,” we usually visualize firearms, but this is not always the case. How many times have you read a statement similar to “the 98 pound woman fought off the home intruder armed with only a rolling pin?” So, yes, arms are much more than firearms.

Alabama has a law forbidding carrying concealed brass knuckles and sling shots. We were reminded of this after a recent Colbert County arrest. This past weekend, Logan Austin Ogle, 21, was arrested for simple possession of brass knuckles (as well as receiving stolen property); however, this charge could have been recorded incorrectly or the law could have been changed recently. We’ve never read of anyone being arrested in any way concerning a sling shot.

So how do our readers feel? Is this law an infringement upon our Second Amendment rights? Does anyone know of this law ever being taken to court? We’ll publish your responses with your name if you prefer, or anonymously if that is your preference.

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