Former Florence District 1 representative Sam Pendleton was at last Tuesday’s community meeting and had some pithy comments concerning the University of North Alabama’s sudden interest in the old Coffee property. The city owned land is located at the corner of Hermitage Drive and Cherry Street in the heart of a residential district. Mr. Pendleton suggested the best course for the university was to expand to the less populated west.

Certainly the west also offers more undeveloped land and at a probable better price. With many local leaders balking at the university’s perceived eyes on expansion toward the downtown area, the west seems like a win-win scenario. The western limits of Florence are also set to expand due to a scheduled widening of West College Street and a new bridge connecting that portion of the city with Hwy. 20/Coffee Road.

PNS agrees with Mr. Pendleton and has to ask UNA president Ken Kitts why the sudden interest in the Coffee property when construction on the new middle school is set to be bid in approximately 10 days?

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