Russellville Traffic Advisory

July 10, 2017
by Staff Reports

From RPD:

Due to problems and numerous complaints, Russellville Police Department will be focusing on certain traffic issues during the month of July. The first issue will be the enforcement of traffic lights and stop signs. We have had complaints in several area of the city of problems with drivers not obeying the traffic signals, which creates a substantial safety risk. Please pay attention to all traffic signals and come to a complete stop at stop signs and red lights.

The second issue is parking in the fire lanes of the businesses in Russellville. Parking in the fire lane is a violation of the Alabama Traffic Code. We understand that in some cases you people may need to pull into the fire zone to be loaded, but vehicles should not be left unattended and should only be there long enough to be loaded. Russellville Police Department strives to make Russellville a safer place and appreciates everyone’s cooperation.

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