Roy Moore & Alvin Neelley

November 9, 2017
by Staff Reports

“14 Year-Old Girls are the Bomb!” I’m Alvin…and I’m Roy…and We Approve This Message

What do Roy Moore and Alvin Neelley have in common? If you haven’t a clue, here’s a hint: It’s the title of a popular television comedy.

Now a question for our male readers: When you were 15 years old, were you attracted to 40 year old women? While you may have had some appreciation for them in some way, it’s doubtful you wanted to ask them out on a date. Now reverse the ages. How many 40 year old men want to date 15 year olds? Omergawd, like eeeew!  Or perhaps we should say how many 32 year old men want to date 14 year olds with 33 year old mothers?

In 1979, one 32 year old man wanted to date a certain 14 year old girl. He also wanted her to meet him some distance from her home (anyone picking up some signals on that?). He wanted to touch her when she was undressed. He wanted her to touch him. In case anyone isn’t up on the legal term, it’s sexual assault.

How many more teens then assistant district attorney Roy Moore sought to date, we don’t know with certainty. He didn’t seem to have any girlfriends his own age, but hung out in the mall with teenagers. Getting a clearer picture now?

That television program? It’s called Arrested Development. And a prime example wants to be your next senator.


Thanks to my mentor who once explained this topic to me with brilliant clarity.


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