If you haven’t noticed the cold outside, then you haven’t been outdoors the past 24 hours. What if you had to live in the cold? What if your power went out? What if there was a gas leak in your neighborhood? To whom could you turn if you were in one of these situations?

Room at the Inn is there for you…or anyone else who needs a warm place to stay on winter nights. While the temps are below freezing, the program is also operating during the day. This is a list of needed items:

Here is a list of our current needed items. Items starred are ones that are most needed.

  • **Sturdy adult sized backpacks

  • **New Underwear: Womens – sizes 7-8 and 9-10, Mens – Boxers of all sizes

  • Coffee supplies for daily intake (coffee, creamer, sugar, cups)

  • Packets of hot chocolate and apple cider

  • Travel sized toothpaste

  • Travel sized wipes

  • Men’s Razors and Small Shaving Cream

  • Large Ziploc bags (gallon sized)

  • Nail Clippers

  • Bandaids

  • **Snack foods (slim jims, granola bars, fruit cups, chips, peanut butter crackers, etc.)

  • Large bottles of Tylenol, Advil, and TUMS

  • $5 gift cards to fast food restaurants

As for the above list, we see many items that can be purchased at the Dollar Tree. We’re sure the recipients of these needed items don’t care if the package bears a brand name or not. You can drop off the items at 2202 Chisholm Road. Donations are taken the first Tuesday of each month; however, it’s best to call beforehand.


Of course, the program also takes money via checks or PayPal. You can make note on your PayPal donation if you have any special wishes concerning the funds.


A side note: Many assume the Salvation Army helps with these needs or has a similar program. The Salvation Army does not help with this program in any form, and their housing is extremely limited and not open for peak needs. Also, donations to the Salvation Army do not always stay in this area. Let’s donate where actual good is done here in the Shoals!

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