Apparently the only thing that has changed for Ralph Eddie Miller and Krystal Gail Thomas in the past six years is their marital status. In October 2007, Miller was arrested in Athens for breaking into a vehicle. On probation, the charge meant automatic jail for Eddie, but his mother and girlfriend Krystal Gail Thomas decided to go to bat for their loved one. The pair visited the victim with the intent to confuse him with various photos of Eddie. The two women wound up with misdemeanor arrests for witness tampering, and Eddie stayed in jail.

Now Miller and Thomas are recently married, but seemingly still enjoy breaking into the stray car. Mr. and Mrs. Miller, both 34, admitted they broke into a vehicle on Easter Ferry Road in Limestone County on Wednesday, taking various items including an MP3 player and a wallet. Both were arrested Thursday and are now being held in the Limestone County Jail.

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