Repeaters: Justin Matthew Green Released from Jail

November 7, 2017
by Staff Reports


Update from attorney:

Justin Green was released just after midnight Thursday. He served his 12 day sentence for not paying or showing up to child support court. Instead of going to work release he served his 12 days so he wouldn’t have to pay $500.00 in child support. There goes his grieving father cover. What grieving father who has been given a second chance at being a father would neglect and ignore his still living child?

He never had any charges back in March and the cord wrapped around his dead daughters neck wasn’t an electrical cord. It was a cord of a remote control toy car according to investigators that handled the case.

They said they were only holding him for 12 days for not paying child support and Lauderdale County district attorneys office informed LCDC they were to release him. Please let the public know the mother of his living child refuses to speculate or comment because of an ongoing case regarding custody and visitation with Justin due to the fact he is seeking joint custody according to court documents with unsupervised visitation until custody agreements can be reached. She however is said to be fighting his requests due to suspicious marks found on the child after a visit with Justin Green and his older sister Marlaina Green who is currently housing Justin.

In 2014, Justin Matthew Green’s name came to prominence in Shoals crime circles when he was charged in the death of his toddler daughter Arabella. The young girl was found deceased in her crib with an electrical cord wound at least three times around her neck. Green was indicted on the charge of manslaughter and later convicted of negligent homicide.

At the same time, Green had embarked on a new relationship that also produced a daughter. The relationship soon soured and then turned acrimonious with Green accused of non-support. Green, who has a record of petty theft and misdemeanor crimes, was eventually ordered to pay child support. The 28 year old Florence yard care attendant countered that he was not receiving visitation rights after he couldn’t explain bruising on his young daughter.

Green, due to other various charges as well as non-support, had a warrant issued for his arrest in Lauderdale County last March. After names of various law-breakers appeared in a local newspaper, a concerned citizen spotted Green in a downtown bar and called police. It’s been reported that Green refused to set up a child support payment with the offer he would be allowed work release.

Justin Matthew Green is now in the Lauderdale County Detention Center serving what remains of a 53 day sentence on other charges. He is expected to have at least 12 days added to that sentence in contempt of the Lauderdale Circuit Court. If Green serves the entire sentence, he will not leave the LCDC until the end of November. Lauderdale County DHR does not comment on ongoing child abuse allegations.

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