Repeaters: Jamie Michelle Sheffield – Redux

November 28, 2017
by Staff Reports

It must have taken quite a bit of intestinal fortitude and a tranquilizer gun to arrest Jamie Michelle Sheffield on this latest charge. Yesterday, authorities arrested the now 56 year old on a First Degree Assault charge; she remains in the Franklin County Detention Center as of Tuesday afternoon.


From June: In 1991, Jamie Michelle Sheffield was a big time pot dealer in Franklin County. After being stopped one night for driving erratically, police in Phil Campbell found a huge stash of marijuana, as well as several bottles of illegal alcohol. Sheffield sued the county and state for illegal search and seizure, but lost the case.

Now the 55 year old Sheffield is again in serious trouble, having been charged in Franklin County with First Degree Escape and Failure to Appear on a First Degree Assault charge. Sheffield was taken into custody on Thursday of last week. She remains in the Franklin County Detention Center without bail as of Monday afternoon.

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