Reginald Swopes Jr.–Indecent & Busted–Update

July 12, 2013
by Firenze Veritas


Reginald Swopes Jr. is also known as “Train to Blow.” Now he’s once again blown his freedom. From Florence Police:

Muscle Shoals man arrested after posing as a Craigslist buyer, then exposing himself to female in Florence parking lot. Reginald Swopes, Jr, 18, of Muscle Shoals was arrested this morning after officers observed him exposing himself to a female he had contacted about a craigslist ad. Officers reported that Swopes sent the female text messages about purchasing a dress for his sister but didn’t appear to have any desire in purchasing the item. When the female arrived, officers in tow, Swopes is accused of exposing himself and attempting to encourage the female to watch him. Swopes was arrested for a similar offense in March of this year when Muscle Shoals Police officers found him engaged in the same type of activity with another female. Swopes was taken into custody without incident today and charged with Indecent Exposure and Public Lewdness. Additional charges are pending. He is currently being held in the Lauderdale County Detention Center. Swopes is a 2012 graduate of Deshler High School.

Update: Authorities have announced intentions to bring further charges against Swopes in both Lauderdale and Colbert Counties. If you have any info concerning any further incidents involving Swopes, called either Florence or Muscle Shoals police.

An interesting side note–It seems Swopes’ would-be victim in Florence is married to a police officer. He was only too happy to accompany his wife and assist in the arrest of this hapless flasher.

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