With three days left to serve on his sentence, Timothy LaDrake Dinsmore, 22, has been charged with First Degree Escape in Franklin County. He remains in the Franklin County Detention Center without bond at this time.

June 2016 Update: Timothy Dinsmore, now 21, is serving a six year sentence in the state prison system for Second Degree Burglary. He’s currently being held in Franklin Community Corrections with no parole date set. The bedroom intruder will end his sentence on June 8, 2017.

Timothy-Dinsmore-239x300From 2013: Timothy LaDrake Dinsmore, 18, paid his neighbor in Russellville a visit on July 7th…in the middle of the night. When the neighbor suddenly awoke, he found Dinsmore standing next to his bed holding the victim’s cellphone. Dinsmore was obviously intoxicated, so the kindly neighbor took him home–before calling police.

After being escorted home, Dinsmore, of 707 Beech Street, decided the best thing for him to do was leave his residence with the utmost haste. He made it as far as a nearby apartment complex where he passed out on a bench. Russellville detective Scotty Lowery stated Dinsmore was initially arrested for public intoxication and being a minor in possession of alcohol, but charges or burglary and theft were later added. Dinsmore was released on bond.

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