Prison Spotlight: Steven Lee Greenhill

March 15, 2017
by Firenze Veritas

Update: Steven Lee Greenhill is serving a 15 year sentence for burglary and is currently housed in the Franklin County Jail for security reasons. This is Greenhill’s fourth prison stint and he will be eligible for parole in November 2018. If no good time is revoked, Greenhill will end his sentence on November 8, 2020.


From March 2014: Steven Lee Greenhill of Russellville has a colorful criminal past. In 2003, Greenhill turned what could have been a minor arrest into an escape charge. In 2006, Greenhill, then 25, sank to a new low when he attempted to extort money from the family of a missing woman. More on that later.

Yesterday, Russellville Police arrested Greenhill on charges of burglary and theft. They also decided to take the victim into account and added a charge of exploiting an elder. Greenhill remains in the Franklin County Jail.

Back to Greenhnill’s most infamous crime. Remember Wu Chin Goodson who went missing from a Russellville group home in 2005? It seems that Greenhill asked her family for a thousand dollars to “help find her.” The would be con artist finally admitted he knew nothing of the woman’s whereabouts, but not before he upset the missing woman’s family with his promises, or were they threats? Let’s hope Steven Lee Greenhill goes away for a long time.


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