Prison Spotlight: Ronnie Lee Credille

March 10, 2018
by Firenze Veritas

Ronnie Lee Credille is currently serving a sentence of Life Without Parole in Holman Prison for his role in the Muscle Shoals murder of Jason Lee Fox. The 40 year old Credille is being held under medium security in the South Alabama Prison and is not eligible for any programs outside the facility.



Credille Mug Shot

Update from August 2017: Ronnie Credille has pleaded guilty to Capital Murder in exchange for avoiding the death penalty. He will now spend the rest of his life in prison. Credille has also agreed to testify against his lover Erica Fox who is purported to be readying a batter woman defense. Fox is also undergoing a mental evaluation at this time. Colbert County has said the death penalty is off the table in her case, in an apparent move to assure jurors will not see this as an impediment to a guilty verdict.

From August 21, 2017: Earlier today, Ronnie Lee Credille was arrested in Muscle Shoals and charged with Capital Murder in the shooting death of Jason Lee Fox, 39. Credille, also 39, is a Franklin County native who previously lived in Vina and graduated from Red Bay High School.


Ronnie Credille c. 2014

Credille, who had a certificate in auto body work from Northwest Shoals Community College, was reportedly working at Kohl’s in Florence at the time of the alleged murder conspiracy. Divorced from his wife Stephanie, Credille is the father of one son.

He’s being held in the Colbert County Jail without bail. The Muscle Shoals police department has announced a news conference for Monday morning.



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