Prison Spotlight: J.J. Common Transferred

January 26, 2018
by Staff Reports

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Update: John James Walker Common, aka J.J., has been transferred from the Limestone Correctional Facility to the Fountain Correctional Facility in Atmore, Alabama. Atmore is located in Escambia County and is the farthest correctional facility from the Shoals. Reasons for the transfer have not been announced. His end of sentence date remains March 30, 2035.

June 4th Update: J.J. Common has been permanently assigned to the Limestone Correctional Center near Capshaw, Alabama. He’s being held under medium security. Common still faces charges in Franklin County on a laundry list of charges related to a February attempted murder in Phil Campbell; one man still remains at large in that incident.

May 4th Update: J.J. Common has been transferred to Kilby Correctional Center in Montgomery. After he’s processed, Common may remain in Kilby or be transferred to another facility.

April 30th Update: John James Walker Common, 33, has been taken into the state prison system to serve the remainder of a 20 year sentence. He will be given a permanent housing assignment at a later date, but remains in Franklin County custody at this time. This is Common’s third stint in the state system, having previously served terms of two and five years.

Common is barred from work release and from accumulating Correctional Incentive Time; however, he may be eligible for parole in 2024. His minimum release date, barring parole, is March 29, 2035. Common still faces charges of Attempted Murder, Drug Trafficking, and Drug Possession in Franklin County. If convicted, he may be sentenced to Life as a habitual offender. He also may face federal charges.

PNS will update Common’s status as it develops.

Update: J.J. Common’s suspended sentence on previous charges has been revoked. He will now serve the remaining 17 years of a 20 year sentence on drug trafficking charges, having been immediately remanded to prison. He also still faces the charges associated with his February arrest. If found guilty of those crimes, he faces sentencing as a habitual offender.

Franklin County sources say Common is now being housed in the Lauderdale County Detention Center. His case has been turned over to federal authorities for a decision on trying the February charges in federal court. If federal prosecutors decline, Common’s seven new charges will be presented to an upcoming Franklin County grand jury.

From February: John James Walker Common of Russellville has been arrested in Franklin County on charges of firing into an occupied building in Phil Campbell on Tuesday. The specific charges facing the 33 year old are:

  • attempted murder,

  • shooting into an occupied dwelling,

  • trafficking cocaine,

  • trafficking hydrocodone,

  • trafficking synthetic marijuana,

  • first-degree possession of marijuana and

  • first-degree unlawful possession of a drug paraphernalia.

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Common, who has been frequently incarcerated in both the state and federal prison systems has the distinction of having once tried to burn down the Colbert County Jail when his girlfriend was arrested, as well as having shot a Russellville football player while on the field in the middle of a game.

Common also has previous trafficking charges, for which he pleaded to lesser crimes, as well as a rape charge involving a 13 year old mentally disabled girl. It’s expected Common will now be tried as a habitual offender.

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