For years, the Bush Administration and Obama Administration refused to enforce our immigration laws. The borders were wide open and the southern border traffic looked like an invading army as the illegals came into the United States. They totally ignored our immigration laws which is bad, but even worse our own self serving leaders ignored the very laws they sworn to enforce when they took their oath of office.

But let’s not just say leaders, that is too generic. Let’s point out who they were and still are. It is every Senator and House Representative on either side of the aisle that is guilty of malfeasance in office. I suggest that you go look at the voting record of your senator and house of representative. If you find nothing in their record that indicates they have done zero to enforce our borders, or enforce our E-Verify Program, then they are the very “Swamp Lizards” whom President Trump pointed out that need to be removed from the “Swamp of Washington”.

What is the E-Verify Program? It is an Internet-based system that compares information from an employee’s Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, to data from U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration records to confirm employment eligibility. Its a good program when it is utilized. The problem is a lot of construction companies, the Agriculture Industry, Fishing Industry and others similar in nature do not use it. They skate around it deliberately in order to hire the illegal, of which they gladly screw with slave wages.

Your Senator and House Representative knew this and knows it now. However, they have chosen to look the other way for political points  and favors. Sort of having laws setup to protect the public and police officers simply look the other way while your home is being clean out by burglars.

This exodus of illegals were coming to the United States for various reasons. Some hoping to find a better way of life and to do what they can to support their family back home. The problem was so many were coming into the labor market, it became flooded. The employers took advantage of this and started paying less and less hourly to the worker.

This had a rippling affect on the legal immigrants and the American worker as the  once good paying jobs were pushed downward into the minimum wage or just above that low wage. Over time the middle class wages began to disappear and the American worker was forced to either take jobs at slave wages or no job at all. As of today the middle income class has shrunk drastically to the point where if is almost none existent. By taking the higher wages away the economy begin to decline as there was no money to utilized other than for the basics of life.

The Republican and Democratic Politicians has passed laws that hurt the American worker and legal immigrates, while at the same time refused to enforce the very laws that protects the American and legal worker.  The Employers with the help of the politicians have become the overlords of yesteryear when slavery or indentured workers were in vogue.

As the wages begin to decline and jobs were being moved over to other countries, the  housing market collapsed and home construction came to a screeching halt, leaving many workers in the field without jobs. These Workers fled to other industries or other countries and many haven’t come back. Some took jobs in the manufacturing and auto industries, while others found work in the energy sector. Simply put, they were getting any work they could and had to go into other sectors to find ways to put food on the table.

Back then Foreign-born workers made up a chunk of home builders’ crews, and many returned home during the great recession and ultimately found gainful employment there. What the Mexican worker found when he or she went back to their respective country, is the economy had improved, due to the fact, NAFTA closed a lot of American Factories and sent them to the very country they had left to seek jobs. There was no longer any need for them to go back to America for gainful employment. The American Manufactures with the blessings of the Democratic and Republican Politicians had sent the American jobs to them.

The Greed of the Construction Industry along with other corporations had not only screwed the illegal worker, but also shafted their own American workers and shot the American Economy in the hip where instead of walking steadily forward, the economy went into a limp and stayed that way.

Is it any mystery why Donald Trump had for the first time picked up states that had been devastated by actions of the very political  whores who allowed the middle class worker to die on the vine slowly. Donald Trump saw what the politicians had done and had no intention of changing a thing. Donald Trump begin to tell the forgotten men and women if you vote for me I bring jobs back to America and get the wages back up where you can live a decent life again. They believed him and he is now the President of the United States.

Since President Trump has taken over, the illegal immigration along our southern borders has been reduced by more than 70%. He then enacted tougher enforcement of our immigration laws which in turn has caused the illegals to either go south or north, but they did not stay in America.  He then went after the gang members who contribute to a lot of our narcotic trade, extortion, and other violent crimes.

The result is the labor pool has shrunk drastically forcing the employers to have to pay higher wages to get the worker that they could get at one time with screw you wages. The Home Builders are now screaming about this, saying that because they actually have to pay more, the American Buyer is going to have to pay more.  What they did not say was because they are paying more the worker now has some extra cash over and above the basic’s to survive. This in turn creates even more jobs as the worker will now go out and spend more, thus putting the money back into circulation. New Businesses will develop, creating even more jobs, these businesses need supplies, thus creating more manufacturing jobs and so forth.

The not surprising thing is almost all of the Democratic Leaders are not happy about this, and some Republicans. Why?  On the Democratic side, it makes President Trump look good and hurts their changes to regain seats at the next election. Some of the Republicans had sold out to the New World Order and because they are not delivering the goods anymore…the money tree is no longer producing fruit.

You see it has never been about you the American or Legal worker….the  political party comes first, then the politician, then somewhere at the end of the line is the worker as a after thought.

Yes! The labor shortage has led to increased labor costs, adding pressure to builders’ margins. “It has caused a spike in wages because frankly, they are going out and recruiting other people’s workers to fulfill their needs by offering higher prices,” said John Courson, president and CEO of the Home Builders Institute.

Thank You President Trump For Your Leadership In Starting To Save The Middle Class…



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