This is one of them most disturbing Videos I have watched in a while. In the Law Enforcement Profession there are certain guidelines that are unspoken but recognized. Law Enforcement Officers, Emergency Medical Personnel, Firemen look at each other as a team. Each has their job to do and when it is done with professional conduct acknowledging each has their own guidelines and restrictions it works very well.

The Video you are about to see is where a Police Officer forgot that rule and over stepped his authority. His actions are probably going to get his job and if not they should have. The real damage is this officer’s arrogant attitude has damaged the working relationship with the hospital personnel and it will take a long time before negative emotions die down in that hospital’s emergency room.

It appears a subject was brought in to the hospital and the Police Officer wanted a Blood Test performed. The Nurse attempted to explain to the officer under Hospital guidelines she could not do that because the patient was unconscious. She had strict guidelines to follow and if she violated them it may mean her job. The Officer insisted and when she continued to refuse he placed her under arrest and took her to jail.  You can imagine the uproar over this from the community and law enforcement personnel also.

An Internal Investigation has been started and the Officer has been placed on paid leave until the Investigation is over.

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