The Lauderdale County Commission under its present format does not allow the Animal Control Officer to have the authority to remove an animal freezing, sick, injured, in an extremely neglectful situation without first consulting with the County DA Office.

The result is the animal for which a person called the county to help, IS NOT HELPED IMMEDIATELY…IF AT ALL…The animal officer presently goes to the location, observes the situation, takes pictures, then leaves the animal in the same situation as he finds it. He is then required to contact the DA and discuss the situation, so the DA can make a decision. .HISTORY SHOWS IT’S MOST LIKELY ITS GOING TO BE DAYS BEFORE A DECISION IS MADE TO HELP THAT ANIMAL…MEANWHILE THE ANIMAL CONTINUES TO SUFFER…FROM THE OWNER OR THE ENVIRONMENT..

Their present standard procedure is cruel, neglectful. and is not what the citizens of Lauderdale County expect of their county commissioners as how to respond to a animal in need of help.

All of this is totally unnecessary, as The State of Alabama has a law already 13A-11-243 that would allow their animal control officer to remove the animal immediately. However, the Lauderdale County Commissioners presently have refused to allow the animal control officer to help the animal immediately ,when he observes a situation that requires immediate action.

If you have ever called the Lauderdale County 911 and reported animal abuse or animal neglect, and you did not see anything happen to help that animal or it did not occur for days on end, please come to the meeting. We need you to tell the Lauderdale County Commissioners of your experience with their present operating method.

Monday Night we are going to make an official request that they do the following:

1. Put on the County Agenda immediately a discussion to adopt the 13A-11-243 Law.

2. Put this Topic on the agenda no later than the next commission meeting.

3. At that meeting make a motion to bring the subject of adopting this Law Immediately to a vote

4. Make this Law where it can now be utilized by the animal control officer in the event he needs to use it.

A discussion with Chris Smith, the Lauderdale County Attorney revealed the County Commission can adopt this law if they wish. He saw no reason why they couldn’t, but as he said, they ask me for legal advice. I can not tell them what to do, nor do I have a vote on any matter before the commission.

He went on to say he is an animal lover himself, and understood the passion the citizens have about this issue.

If you have any questions, you can call me at 256-324-9347.

Carl Overton

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