Another month and another arrest for Barry Lane. He’s again been arrested on a SORNA violation and remains in the Franklin County Detention Center at this time. This is definitely the fourth violation for Lane, for which he should be returned to prison. We say “should be,” since an overcrowded prison population makes the child molester’s fate unknown.

From December: After receiving several dinks and dunks in the DOC’s program to keep prison population low, Barry Lane has again been arrested on a probation violation. He remains in the Franklin County Detention Center as of Wednesday morning awaiting an appearance before the judge. This is at least Lane’s third infraction, and this time the controversial sex offender may be sent south to finish his sentence.

From August: Convicted sex offender Barry R. C. Lane is currently at Kilby Receiving serving a 45 day “dunk.” The controversial dunk program requires a felon on probation to receive three dunks before being sent back to serve the remainder of his sentence, at least for what are considered by a judge to be minor infractions.

This is Lane’s second dunk; he previously served a 15 day sentence for a minor parole infraction. Lane will again be free to enter the community on September 1st.

July 2nd Update:

Barry Lane was taken into custody on June 30th. He has been charged with probation violation, specifically a sex offender failing to comply with electronic monitoring. He remains in the Franklin County Detention Center as of Sunday and will be held without bail pending a probation revocation hearing.

From June 18th:

Franklin County authorities are searching for missing sex offender Barry R. C. Lane. The 27 year old Lane was convicted of Attempted Second Degree Sodomy in 2014 and spent almost three years in prison. His victim was a seven year old male.

Lane initially registered as living in Russellville in January of this year, but has not been compliant since then. He is a Caucasian male, with brown hair and hazel eyes. The heavily tattooed sex offender stands 6’2″ tall and weighs around 155#.

If you have any information about Barry Lane, call the Franklin County Sheriff’s office at 256-332-8820. Lane’s probation has now been revoked and he will immediately be returned to prison.

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