Mother/Daughter Alabama Authors Publish New Book

June 14, 2015
by Firenze Veritas

PR/Tait & Renfroe

peroWhen diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer, Susie Minus Tait had the support and love of her wonderful family. To keep her positive and creating memories, Tait and her 7-year-old daughter Jacqueline Christine Renfroe began writing and illustrating a children’s book that they are excited to share with others.

Capturing the beauty of the ocean, “Pedro and Carlos” is a story of Pedro the octopus and Carlos the crab who become best friends. On a dangerous adventure, Pedro and Carlos are faced with an unpleasant circumstance that forces one friend to overcome his fear in order to save the other. This entertaining and educational book will inspire hope, love and courage in elementary age children. The story contains factual information of ocean life and predator-prey relationships.

For Tait and Renfroe, this book is a success story. Tait was able to fight her battle and grow closer to her daughter through this keepsake they now cherish. They hope to inspire parents to do projects with their children and embrace the power of positivity when faced with the trials of life.

“’Pedro and Carlos’ has been a lot of hard work but an exciting and gratifying experience,” Tait said.

“Pedro and Carlos”
By Susie Minus Tait and Jacqueline Christine Renfroe
ISBN: 978-1413451160
Available in softcover and hardcover
Available on Amazon and Xlibris

About the author
Susie Minus Tait holds a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in education from the University of Alabama and is a former schoolteacher of 18 years. Jacqueline Christine Renfroe, now 18-years-old, is a student at University of Alabama. Tait and her daughter live on a cattle farm in Epes, Alabama where they raise quarter horses. Both enjoy spending time together riding horses and sharing in their hobbies of nature, animals, music, swimming, water skiing, cooking and art.

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