Prison Spotlight: Matthew Dewayne Trapp

August 8, 2017
by Staff Reports

Matthew Dewayne Trapp, now 31, is currently incarcerated under medium security at the Limestone Correctional Center. He has served just under 11 months of a 60 year sentence; his minimum date of release is September 10, 2076 (barring parole during his third term of 20 years), at which time he will be 90 years old. Trapp has lost his first round of appeals in the case.


Franklin County Mug Shot

September 2016 Update: Matthew Trapp has been sentenced to three terms of 20 years to be served consecutively. A sentence of that length does not accrue correctional incentive time, and the best Trapp may hope for is parole during his third 20 year sentence.

Matthew Dewayne Trapp, 30, has been convicted by a Franklin County Jury of three counts of sexual abuse of a child under the age of 12. Specifically, the now 14 year old victim related during the trial that Trapp fondled her when she was between the age of six and eight. The Phil Campbell man reportedly beat the child and threatened her if she informed anyone of the sexual abuse.


Hardin County Mug Shot

At the time of his arrest on the sexual abuse charges, Trapp had left the area. He has arrests in Hardin County, Kentucky, for Second Degree Assault and Public Intoxication in 2015, and Panola County, Texas, for destroying over 20K in property, also in 2015.

Trapp is currently free on 7.5K bond. He will be sentenced next month before Judge Terry Dempsey.


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