Muscle Shoals’ Mark McCormack Sentenced

April 3, 2018
by Firenze Veritas

Charles Mark McCormack has been sentenced to ten years in federal prison. After completing his sentence, he will serve three years on supervised probation.

From November 2017:

After pleading not guilty five weeks ago, Charles Mark McCormack of Muscle Shoals has pleaded guilty to federal charges of producing child pornography. He is scheduled to be sentenced on the one count charge in April of next year. The charge relates to a video taken in McCormack’s Colbert County home in the 1990s.

Court documents in the case have revealed that the Georgia investigation from May of this year produced a suitcase of photos believed to be of young girls, all in various stages of undress. The suitcase also contained several pairs of child’s panties. A federal prosecutor stated earlier today: The Bureau of Prisons has bed space reserved for people like him.

October 15th Update: Charles Mark McCormack of Muscle Shoals has pleaded not guilty to the charge of producing child pronography and asked that the conditions of his bond release be revised. McCormack currently wears an ankle monitor, but also must be with one of his parents at all times. McCormack and his attorney are asking that his wife be added to the list of those who may supervise the accused former kindergarten teacher in order to remove some liability from his parents. A judge will rule at a later date.


September 28th Update: Charles Mark McCormack (sometimes referred to as Mark Charles McCormack), has been indicted in federal court, charged with producing pornography in his Muscle Shoals home. The charge stems from a tip received last September while McCormack was being investigated in Georgia. McCormack is 54 and a former Tuscumbia resident.

May 2016 Update: The Walker County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force has been added to the agencies currently investigating McCormack. The Walker County School System has indicated that it will not make a decision on the Muscle Shoals native’s employment until all three agencies have completed their investigations.

Muscle Shoals native Mark Charles McCormack is reportedly under state and federal investigation in Walker County, Georgia, where he was working as an elementary school teacher. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the federal office of Homeland Security are both looking into charges against McCormack.

Chattanooga NBC Channel 12 reported yesterday that McCormack was being investigated for possession of child pornography, but later issued a retraction and stated that the official charges were as yet unknown and could involve several other possibilities including domestic terrorism. Both McCormack’s home computer and his computer at Chattanooga Valley Elementary School have been confiscated.

McCormack, who teaches kindergarten, has twice been accused of child molestation, but both incidents were not pursued due to lack of evidence. School Superintendent Steve Wilson stated a parent had accused McCormack in March 2010 of taking upskirt pictures of her daughter, while in January 2015, a parent contended the teacher had placed his hand inside a young girl’s underpants.

The elementary school is located in Flintstone, a small community in Walker County just south of the Tennessee-Georgia line. Flintstone is generally considered a quiet bedroom community many of whose residents work in Chattanooga.

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