Marion County Woman Released on Bail

November 7, 2017
by Staff Reports

Angela Kay Cox was released on bail on November 7th. PNS will continue to follow this case and offer updates when available.

From October 1st: Late Saturday, a 25 year old Marion County woman was arrested and charged with Felony Murder. Authorities say Angela Kay Cox of Brilliant, currently under indictment for drug distribution in Marion County, was also charged with child endangerment.

Authorities state the arrest was the result of a grand jury indictment. A daughter born to Cox last spring died after testing positive for illegal drugs.

Cox states on social media that she’s a graduate of Marion County High School and a former employee of Pilgrim’s Pride. She will appear in court later this week to have a bail amount set.


The Pen – n- Sword got a call this Sunday afternoon from the family OF Kay Cox. They were upset their side of the story was not being heard. In fairness to the family they were told if they wanted to write down their side of the story we would be happy to publish it for them.

This was taken off of our facebook page. The only thing I have changed is the spelling and some phrases without changing the meaning of the sentence.

Yes ! Stella is my granddaughter.  Angela was caring her at the time she was flown to UAB and placed on life support  for a few days . The doctors told us that Angela and the baby would die if they did not take the baby. So! we agreed and they removed her from Angela. We named her Stella. Stella lived for 5 months and then passed. The Doctors told us she died from  respiratory failure and premature hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy .

When Angela first got sick the doctors said it was kidney inflammation due to the meds they gave her. The Meds were not working and the inflammation moved from her kidneys, to her lungs, her heart and then to the rest of her body.

Due to fact she was on life support the baby was not getting the air she needed. That’s why they took her to try and save her and Angela. The Hospital in Winfield, Ala also in Marion county reported that Angela had pain killers in her system. They did not mention anything about the doctor giving them to  her weeks before this all came about. The Long Story turned into a short stor, is the Marion County Authorities are trying to get my daughter for murder when it not her fault . If she was not suppose to take the pain killer meds, then why did they doctor give them to her.

Rusty Hulsy even talk to the doctor at UAB. They told him, ” That nothing Angela did hurt that child”. We have been through a lot this  pass year. We lost Stella! That has not been easy on Angela. Now they are putting my child through more hell by saying she did this . All Because of the pain killer that was found in her blood work that the doctor gave her.

End of comment made by family member.

Comment by Pen-n-Sword Staff.

This truly is a major tragedy. We have a child who lost her life and a mother along with her family who is grieving for that child. Now! The Family and Mother are going to have to go through another period of their lives that will be pure hell. There are no winners in this situation.

The Pen-n_Sword Staff prays that a steady hand and reasonable minds are doing the right thing here.

This is a developing story, and PNS will update the article as more facts are verified.

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