Press Release:

On Saturday June 3rd at around 1:30pm James Christopher Dickey was arrested for Theft of Property, Poss. of SCH III (Lortab) and Poss. of Drug Paraphernalia at the Ethridge City Ball Park. During one of the girls softball games, an off duty Lawrence County Correctional Officer observed Dickey take an unknown amount of cash off of a table where tee shirts, toys and other various items were being sold to raise money for their ball team. When Dickey attempted to leave the Ball Park, Officers with the Ethridge Police Dept. and the Lawrence County Sheriffs Dept. confronted Dickey. After a short conversation Dickey was then arrested and taken into custody. A search of Dickeys pockets revealed $11.00 in cash, 2 pills later identified and 7.5 Lortab and a short piece of plastic straw commonly used to snort illegal & legal Drugs. Dickey was transported to the Lawrence County Jail processed on the above charges without incident and placed on a $3000.00 bond.

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