Machinist Wants to Marry His Computer

September 6, 2017
by Staff Reports

Mark Sevier lives in Blount County; he formerly lived in Utah. In some unknown way, Sevier managed to secure a Utah marriage license to marry what could be called a female-like robot. If that isn’t the correct term, PNS apologizes, but it’s not every day you run across these kinds of stories.

When the Blount County probate judge wouldn’t recognize his Utah marriage or give him a license to wed in Alabama, he sued the state, demanding marriage rights for machines and animals. Yes, if Sevier should win his lawsuit, you could then marry your pet Siberian Hamster. Sevier would also like to see polygamy legal in this state.

Was he always a “machinist” as he terms it? No. At one time he identified as gay, but now says he’s come to realize just how much better machines are than other guys. PNS will keep you posted on updates.

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