Last Friday the Department of Justice was forced to release hundreds of e-mails to the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), which they initially lied about not having. (they did this under Director Comey)  Most of them were “highly redacted, hiding the true essence of the conversations discussing the possible hampering of the FBI investigation” into Hillary Clinton.

During Loretta Lynch’s time as Attorney General, There was no one working in the Justice Department named Elizabeth Carlisle, plus this person just so happen to be dead, yet sending emails to the FBI and within the Department of Justice.   Elizabeth Carlisle just happened to be the name of Lynch’s grandmother.

Using this information, Internet sleuth Kim Dotcom and the Reddit community known as The Donald read all the documents provided and discovered that Loretta Lynch was an  using an alias, her grandmother’s name, to communicate with DOJ officials

Can you say “BUSTED”?

Here is the death certificate for Loretta Lynch’s grandmother, showing her name was Elizabeth Carlisle .

source: reddit

From Reddit:

It appears Loretta Lynch was double-dealing using illegal alter-ego’s and fake Stte emails to conuct illicit activities without revealing her true identity. This is list of multiple crimes, as just using a state or federal apparatus with fake names and illegal accounts is a major crime.

Isn’t it amazing the FBI could not determine this, or were they told to keep their mouth shut.    

The Swamp it appears is larger than we thought

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